Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get Your Last Blast of Summer Neon with Milani

So we are in transition weather that includes some hot days.

Coincidentally, I found some Milani Neons at the Dollar Tree (it's a miracle when I find good stuff there any more) and wanted to swatch them before I committed fully to autumn shades.

All right, here we go.

Fresh Teal 

Two coats, no top coat. Nearly a one coater. More like the bottle, but my camera just couldn't get its head around it. Ah well.

Great formula, if you are looking for a stamping polish, I'd suggest grabbing this one, it's dense. 
Love it!

Totally 80's

Bright fresh spring green, less actual acidic neon, but still has oomph.

Three coats, a bit of a yellow shimmer in there, too. No top coat.

More of a frothy finish than a true shimmer. 

I think it's a perfect polish for spring and summer.

Rad Purple

This is a tetchy formula. Needed four coats and until it's rock hard dry, it will digit and look like you've made a wax engraving. 

Four coats, not top coat.

The color is great. I had to really shake it up to get the color to shift and even took a paperclip into the bottle to stir up what was on the bottom. Very settled. 
The more coats, the deeper the shade. Lovely for layering, I will have to try it.

Dude Blue

Another two coater, and such a nice formula. No top coat and soooooo glossy. Unlike many neons, I might add!

Really a great win. Glad I found it.

I love these fresh, bright blue sky blues. I get a lot of them in my little 'burg so it's nice to really enjoy them on my nails, too.

Again, if you find this, grab it! It's on par with any of the salon brands, for sure!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!
I really appreciate it!!!

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