Monday, August 11, 2014

Purple of a Silver Nature

A pair of polishes I love a lot.

I thought I'd blogged Dior Silver Purple already (coming soon!!!) however I did not, much to my chagrin. 

Thinking I'd already done so, I put two polishes in a similar vein. I will blog the Dior soon, can't believe I have had that polish since 2009 and not blogged it yet. Ack!

First up Finger Paints Silver Sculpture.

Nothing akin to a dupe. At. All. 

It is, though, an unusual polish. First it's basically a silver, but so infused with a lavender tint that it's not really a silver at all.

This photo illustrates the shade a bit better. 

Next, it's a chrome. But not a flat out mirror-like chrome, more like a crunchy, misty, foggy one.

A few things: you need, like any chrome, a ridge filler, then you need to just either become one with brush strokes or use the now famous sponge method - this is actually not too difficult, and it makes the finish kind of neat, but still crunch/foggy/misty.

In any event, this is three coats, no top coat and lovely, subtle, and a favorite.

Sadly I can't find this polish on The Sally Beauty website nor eBay. It is very understated by comparison to most purple chromes. This has its advantages, depending on your taste.

Next up Diamond Cosmetics Hi Ho Silver. I won't spend a lot of time digressing about the demise of DC's online shop for little old consumer me. 
But. I will say that I haven't seen a dupe of this in the wild. Though something like it - aka ITSELF - may be on the Priti nail polish site. (code for: Priti is a Diamond Cosmetics custom label and they weren't super great at disguising the fact - Priti that is - and I think this might have been a factor in their move to private label only. See, I did it again.)

Three coats, no top coat. Lovely blackened silver base with this luscious, understated purple shimmer.

So perfect. 

Not too vampy, not to bright. 

Yes, some brushstrokes, but very nice. Even though it's summer, I just love this guy a lot for any time of year. 

Formula and  application was quite simple, but DC always is a top ten performer for me.

Dang, I miss them!!! GAH! ;D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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