Friday, August 15, 2014

Dior Silver Purple and Maybelline Purple Rage - Comparison

Finally got Christian Dior's Silver Purple swatched.

While I was poking around organizing by color, I found an old Dollar Tree purchase, Maybelline Purple Rage.

Organizing by color has its advantages when you don't have a spread sheet. 

Here's Purple Rage:

Deep grape charcoal gray. Some silvery frost, but more of a refined shimmer.

Three coats, needed thinning and definitely showing some brushstrokes.
It also bubbled. Much frustration.

Fixable with a dose of thinner, as you shall see later.

Dior's Silver Purple

As you can see it is similar, however it's a bit of a better formula, quite easy to use, and it's a favorite.

Three coats, but two were only necessary.

It's such a great polish.

I compared them in the bottle, then on the nail:

In the bottle the difference is apparent. 

Left to right:

Dior - pinkie
Maybelline - ring
Dior - middle
Maybelline - index

I thinned the Maybelline with 20 drops of thinner, which made a considerable difference, and it looks like a very near dupe.

This is under a daylight corrected lamp.

You can see the more read leaning base on Maybelline's Purple Rage, where Dior's Silver Purple remains much more restrained by comparison.

I like them both, am very glad I found a back up for my beloved Dior.  

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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