Friday, August 22, 2014

Maya Nefarious Aquarious - Hello, Goodbye

I fully admit I don't keep completely abreast of all the new indies out there. I love them for taking risks, pushing the envelope, their creativity and their independent spirit.

It is hard when you can't keep up and worse when you discover one, only to find that they are closing their doors.
This is how it was when I heard about Maya Cosmetics. I think they were on my periphery, but I did neglect closer examination.

When the store was closing I grabbed a handful to see if I'd like them.
I do!

Here's Nefarious Aquarious:

Dense scattered holo that my lamps don't do justice to, in truth.

I wore three coats and the following day at work it was a typical holo: chipping a tad bit by days end.

Of course I kind of expected it, holos seem to be prone to a lack of flexibility.

It is gorgeous. Pine green with lots of holo flash in the sunshine!

Here's another shot:

Both photos are under my daylight corrected lamps.

I am sure there is something similar out there, but for my collection, it's pretty unique.

Definitely glad I grabbed this one!!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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