Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WetnWild Color Icon Be Jeweled Part 2

Back at you with part two of the WetnWild Color Icon Be Jeweled collection.

Let's finish these up with the last two in this small 5 piece collection.

Part 1 is right here.

The Crown is Mine

Three coats. This is a very similar color to Jewels for Your Highness, but it's more actual purple and looks more gray shifting than pink.

I love this one quite a bit, though I could not wrangle much shift. It goes into the pink zone, but more like an orchid pink.

Subtle glitters, too.

I couldn't get this color shift very well. It looks like there is some blue, I just didn't capture it!

Speak When Spoken To

Soft blue that shifts over to lavender/pink.
Three coats.

You can see the pink around the edges.

Glitter is also pretty much blue and purple.

I really like this one as well.

In summary these are quite sheer on the first coat, but these build quite well, to the point where they need nothing beneath them to support the coverage.

These are still readily available online if not in the official WnW pantheon of colors.

 I recall WnW did a similar prism glitter in a lollipop shaped bottle that was in an upside down display. Not sure if it's the same. They are not shy about relabeling the same polish, for sure.

I love that these do double duty: Over black, navy, etc they'd also pop since they are initially so sheer.

I think layering these over a duo chrome of the similar color shift would be something rather amazing. Hmmmm...rubs chin!

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