Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Water Part 1

I love swimming pool blues. Here are a few that I hope you enjoy.

I rarely do an accent nail, but when I pulled out NOPI's Rich in Spirit and American Apparel's The Valley to swatch, they seemed to just want to get together.

Three coats each, no top coat. Easy pairing that just makes my day. Sunshine lighting.

A little more about the polishes...

Nicole by OPI Rich in Spirit

Three coats. This is a great polish. Daylight shot from a window.

This is a gorgeous foil I found at Shopko on sale. I have looked at this polish frequently over the years, but never broke down and purchased it. Dang, why not? 

A beautiful foil that is thick enough to not need a ridge filler base coat. Win!

Here it is under the lamps, unfortunately it came out a little warmish, drat!

I tend to gush about foil finishs, but this is a really awesome polish. I didn't have to worry about cleanup, the formula went on very easily. Not the fastest for dry time, but not impossible, either.

It is still on the Nicole by OPI website, awesome! I know I am biased by foils, but this one is gawgeous!

American Apparel The Valley

Delightful polish.

Such a fresh color and great formula. It's one of my favorite formulas.

This is also still available on the AA website.

I got this on a blog sale, so glad!

Had a visitor while I was working on photos the neighborhood quail cock decided to mosey on by:

Yo! Do my nails!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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