Saturday, July 12, 2014

WetnWild Color Icon Be Jeweled Part 1

WetnWild always seems to surprise me.

Their black creme is a 99 cent dream of a polish: it covers in one coat!

The first Color Icon set that I got was back in 2009 or 2010 and it's still got many favorites that I enjoy wearing. 

So when the 2012 set of sparkly glitters came out - Color Icon Be Jeweled - it was very exciting!

Similar to the China Glaze Prismatic collection - which I didn't buy because I got the WnW's, these are a mix of small glitter with a micro glitter that color shifts. Pretty amazing!

The first time I tried to blog these was just under the lamps. Well, that would have been fine, but there wasn't enough oomph to show any color shift and worse some of the colors began to look alike.

So I redid them outside on an unseasonably warm day with some sun coming and going. This is from May, I'm still catching up with photos, but since I recently had a bad nail break, I'm fine.


Born Into Privilege

A tarnished silvery green gold shade that really also has a smoky feel to it.

Three coats.

I like they way the multi-colored glitter throughout makes it look like confetti.

It feels like a New Years Eve party!

In some light it almost looks like a pale spring green as well. Very beautiful!

I really liked all of these, the only thing is that they are a little "crunchy" and feel like a cousin to a texture, but a top coat solves all issues.

Bow In My Presence

Three coats again, a bit dark because of my camera, however this is a very pretty pale peacock blue. Same array of small confetti glitters.

The sun popped behind a fat cloud that decided to hang out for too long. 
The only sun shot is the bottle shot.

I'd run in to see if I could catch the color change better  under my lamp and when I went out, she was a goner!

Softer light here equals a softer blue. Also the last photo you can see how it shifted over to orchid purple. It also goes warmer into teal as well. Quite the set of chops, this one.

Jewels For Your Highness

One of my favorites!
Three coats and this time more of a purple glitter throughout the purple shifting to pink micro glitter base.

The glitters are more of a purple, blue, silver, and pinkish purple. Not a confetti with multiple colors.

Brilliant metallic wall of sheen. Like a glitter that holds its own without holes or in need of a base? This does it!

It is more a pink to purple shift, but in some photos it almost looks coral. 


Part two soon!

These can be found on eBay and Amazon, which is a good thing. Apart from China Glaze and WetnWild, I can't recall anyone else using these color shifting micro glitters, can you?

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I love glitter polishes. How in the world did I miss these? I love that last one best. Thanks for posting these and letting me know they are still available. Beautiful polishes - all of them.


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