Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Color Club's 2012 Take Wing Collex, Pt 1

Hey folks!

It's been a hectic few weeks and I apologize for not blogging as much.

Trying to ride the old hay burner, who is enjoying largess of summer pasture, in the very beautiful summer evenings.

I've got an older Color Club collection from 2012 called Take Wing. These are glass fleck shimmers that look also like foils in some light. Very amazing, quite gorgeous and made for summer.

I had passed on these thanks to a 2011 set of L'Oreals I purchased and was pretty happy with, but they were, for the most part very sheer. Blogged here, I think this kind of polish can be sheer if not careful with either the base that supports the glass fleck, or some lingerie.

These are still on the Color Club website, however they are in the newly revamped Color Club bottles. The downside is that Color Club decided to up their price to a stout $8.00 a bottle at most etailers and retailers. I've seen it occasionally at my local Rite Aid, but only in special seasonal displays on the rare occasion. 

I will say that Head2Toe and 8ty8 are a pair of etailers I've used and carry it at an affordable price point at all times. I'm not affiliated, but I've ordered from both with success in the past.

So, if you want Color Club, there are places to find it! I can rue the Ross finds, but really one can only move one, right?

About the swatches:
  • Three coats - except for below
  • No top coat
  • These would enjoy a base coat for better depth
  • Lighting is a single source Verilux lamp
  • Included is one coat over black to see how they layer
  • These all have some color shift, but it's not extensive
  • Finally, these really needed sunshine, but I had a lamp

Daisy Does It

This is a bright yellow. Very much a fresh sunny yellow that peers over the fence into the green family.
I think yellow is very subjective for the wearer. I can see this being somewhat difficult to pull off. 

It looks warmer here, but I think it's more the translucency showing through to the nail bed. 

Formula was nice, a little heavy, but not too thick. 

My L'Oreal was more of a creme, where this is pure glass fleck in a jelly base that vanishes over black.

Over black it really does show it's green side in the shift. 
I did have to pull some green out of the photo, but you can see it readily gives up that color, so it's there.

It's a unique yellow. 
I'm not an expert on "warm" and "cold" but this feels "cool" by comparison to my other yellows. It's sunny, but stand-offish. Like it's moving into the other spectrum and not toward the red one.

Sparkle and Soar

This really is a gorgeous polish. Rich, juicy, and dancing with light.

My L'Oreal version of this is more sheer, and a bit less shimmery.

There is some shift from orange to green, like shredded flakies. It's nice. If you only get one polish from this collection, and like orange, I'd recommend this.
This is less like a foil and more like a true glass fleck shimmer.

Over black you can see how it has that shift.
This isn't bad as a layering polish, it looks a little bronze. Might be fun to experiment with a purple jelly over it, or mix it up to see how it would franken. My first thought isn't that this comes from an orange polish. 
Nice to have options!


Teal lovers will like this one. It's very pretty, although my lighting brings out it's sheerness rather than it's sparkling depth.

I'd say this is a very close relation to the L'Oreal from the above mentioned blog post. As sheer, and about the same green. 

You can see the blue glass fleck in a bath of green.

To mee this polish feels more like an emerald than a teal, but that's just me. I googled both and at times they are close.

This one would particularly benefit by a creme base.

This one is superlative over black. Like the L'Oreal, it's exhibiting lovely color shift as the jelly base for the glass fleck vanishes once it's over black.

Part two in a couple of days, just trying to play catch up on photo editing!

My nails, as you can see, all broke, so I went a bit shorter.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I never thought to try these over black--great idea!

    1. Thank you! I felt like at this point I had to try something different! ;D


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