Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pie Crust Promises

I have to say, I wanted to post many more manis over the holidays, but combination of time crunch and not feeling up to par really reeled in many plans.

Anyhow, in the hopes that I can get several done by end of year, here is a layering combination that I found languishing in a folder, needing an outing.

Many layers at work, I'll post the pix then you can see how it wend down:

Base is a franken I made a few years ago, full of glass fleck shimmers that are now quite the norm, which is never a bad thing!
Next is an I Love My Nails, gotten in a RAOK/swap combo. I have to say the stars are sparse, but they are teal, and it was nice to get that color glitter.
Next is the old Cover Girl Ice Slicks. Packed with iridescent glitter that really never fails to please.
Finally old Cover Girl Boundless Color City Lights. I find that it is akin to China Glaze Fairy Dust, but a touch larger glitter. And, to be honest, a better formula.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Happy New Year!


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