Friday, December 20, 2013

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe Collection Part 2

Here is part deux of Color Club's Beyond The Mistletoe Collection. A superlative little coterie of wonderful glitter polishes.

Here is a link to part 1

I've got three coats of base color, two of glitter and will highlight any base I've not blogged about before.
No topcoat!

First up is Candy Cane:

A pretty reddened purple mauve I've paired it with Diamond Cosmetics Meditate.
Candy Cane is a mix of pink, purple and silver glitter.
Delightful change from all the holo.

Next a reblog of a beautiful color that is hard to find a dupe for, Sally Hansen The Good Earth:

Blogged a while ago, it really seemed like it needed a proper outing again.

Topped with Color Club's Ginger Bread:

Ginger Bread is packed with gold and holo glitter. Love it over the deeper background, too.

Here's another one in need of a swatch, Ulta's Ban-Blue-Zled:

Largely a crelly, indeed a little bit of a translucent but not transparent.
I've since frankened this polish adding a passle of holo to it. Looking at this photo now I wish I had kept it as a creme!

Now topped with Color Club Jingle Jangle:

Jingle Jangle has no holo either but a light purple and a light blue glitter.
Pretty and reflective, but more springtime in this combo with the pale blue base.

I found my set at Ross. And my backups, now that I think of it. Excellent glitter set to have in your collection!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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