Sunday, November 10, 2013

Richelle, What a Honey

Richelle by Zoya is described as a metallic bronze that "screams luxury" by the folks who write copy at the Zoya website.

When I scream "luxury" no one comes. Ah well.

Here's Zoya Richelle, blogged before, but in need of a rethink since the last time was a quick multi-swatch:

Honey shade of bronze that looks a little bit like a foil, but doesn't have that kind of play. Just a metallic.

Unfortunately this formula was a bit troublesome for me. I found that it was hard to get it to dry, and even after it was supposed to be dry, it dented very easily.
I had to re-apply it.

This is three coats.

First coat is not super dense and looks like it's a bit grainy, so I am not sure it it's dense enough for stamping and water marbling.

Pretty, quite pretty, but not as luxurious or as complex as I'd have hoped.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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