Thursday, November 7, 2013

Putting My Polish Where My Mouth Is...Hopefully Instead of My Foot

So I recently said that many polishes could be duped with layering.

I approximated RBL Aqua Lily using a pair of polishes I love.

Now I realize that it's not as green, but I love the bluer shade of turquoise that ended up here.

What have we got here?
OPI Fly - three coats, nice formula(!)
Sephora's Pantone Universe line Cradle Pink - two coats, easy formula!

Fly is so nice. Easy to use and remarkably little cleanup was necessary!
Cradle Pink is a translucent topper, full of glass fleck that shift around pink and lavender.

I figured I might as well aim for a very popular polish.

Cradle Pink was a polish my sister purchased for me for Christmas. It's got several cousins, but it's really a vibrant pink atop this pretty blue.

I have ample shades similar to the base in the real Aqua Lily, but I wanted to wear Fly and I really wasn't 100% sure if I'd enjoy something more green.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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