Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Re-tasseling the Taupe

I blogged about Maybelline Tassled Taupe a few years ago when I did a big "taupe comparison".

Taupe is such a classic shade, it works forever as a staple. I would say that I've got a lot of this color in it's variations from grayish, to purplish, to neutral to yellowish.

Tasseled Taupe is a Maybelline gold cap that I found at the Dollar Tree.

I decided to add a dose of Essie As Gold As It Gets to bring out more of the gold shimmer that it has.

I originally blogged it here, though my photo is a little questionable, it's a nice warm shimmer in this yellow based taupe.
Essie's topper is really a yellowish gold so it only brings out the yellow in the polish.

Three coats of Tasseled taupe, one of AGAIG.

Here's a bottle shot:

You can see that the shimmer is in Tasseled Taupe shifts into a bronze range at times, too.

Taupe is pretty much a staple, it gets released and re-released in some iteration or another, which shows that we are long past just calling it a fad, it's more of a trend that seems to be holding on rather well.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

This is, by the way, my 600th post! Thanks for reading my blog! I really enjoy writing it, and I love to share my polishes with you!

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