Saturday, November 16, 2013

Uncommon Denominator

Those glass flecks, they are just awesome!

Here's a top tier one.

Nicole by OPI's Coral Denominator:

Let's just step back and bask in it's gilt shimmer in a delicious grapefruit pink base.

This was a polish that came out back in spring of 2011 as a collection NOPI did for a certain teenage pop star.
Many colors came out, but this one was a Canadian exclusive. I really was sad to hear that. Then I found a bottle on eBay for $10 (ouch!). Then, suddenly it was showing up at TJ Maxx. What?? NO!

This is a polish I have a backup or two (or three) of. It's that good.

I have three coats here, no top coat.

It's so fabulous, I hate to gush. O heck. Gush away. It's quite a show stopper.
I've got this under lamps, in the sunshine it's beautiful.

It's on eBay, for a decent price if you are patient. Not sure if it's one of those polishes that will eventually fade out because it was a limit edition and came down as job lots from Canada. It might be petering out.

As a relative of the Milani "gold" line, it's quite similar, but the contrast of the gold and the rich pink coral shade really takes it to a new level. Here are links to the Milani polishes: part 1 and part 2.

Kind of hard to be hard on this one.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. so beautiful! I will have to hunt this down!!! Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. So pretty! Thanks for the reminder on the Milanis too - I have a number of them - all unworn.


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