Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hansel and Gretel Would Eat My Nails

Nails Inc is a UK brand that I kind of adore.

The Sprinkle collection is really quite dolly cute.

The four polish set came out for summer 2012 and are pretty much a nod to indie polishes that have been rocketing to stardom over the last few years.

These are all in a creamy base, a translucent creme I won't call a jelly or a cruelly, but it's something like it.

None have top coats.

Topping Lane

Pretty hot pink with purple, magenta pink and silver glitter.
Quite a stunner.
It's three coats over a solid nude base.
This one is three coats and quite easy to use.
I feel like all of these captured those bright frosting shades.

Pudding Lane

Fresh bright blue with purple, green and silver glitter. There is a mention of teal glitter in the descriptions I've read online, but I really can't see it.
Three coats. A little less dense of a base and so it feels like you can see the glitter a little more.

Sweets Way

I look a little green here, camera lighting is fluorescent based, so it imparts a really green glow that - though daylight corrected - when white pops up, it goes a little cockeyed.
White base with pretty silver (that turns white in lower layers), bright blue, and soft rosy pink glitter.
I love this one.
There are four coats except for the index finger on the left. I put  less coats on the index over a white to see how that would work, so you could see that you don't need all the coats and it's a fresh, light top coat over white.

Sugar House Lane

Pale taupe base, similar to Maybelline Cocoa Bean, loaded with black and silver glitter. It's a complete win because the silver glitter turns into white glitter when you put more layers on.
I like this one a lot, too. It's sort of an Oreo shake!

Food and nail polish. Wait! Cupcakes and milkshakes and nail polish! Nice!

These are still on Sephora, though Topping Lane is no longer available as I write this. It is, however, on eBay for a comparable price.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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