Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cocktail of Sally Hansen Minis

Back in 2009 I grabbed a bunch of Sally Hansen mini sets. There were about 5 in each set, and I picked up at least 3-5. Over the years I've given them away, frankened them away and used a couple up.
I did recently blog about one here
I've got 5 left, for some reason I figured I better just get them all swatched and blogged. 

All are approx three coats, none have names, but I've included packaging to show a bit more about them.

Frostiness is definitely back this year. Here's one that's a warm coppery rose. 
Not really my speed, but more along the line of a good stamping polish.

Pretty shimmer fuchsia. A shimmer that has a reddish base around the sides and a bright pop as the light hits the shimmer.

This is a shimmer that ranges from a greenish teal shade in darker lighting up to this sunny tropical blue in brighter light.
It is rather sheer and probably one of those polishes that seems to be need a base coat. I ended up frankening with the two tiny bottles I had. More on that sooner  than later.

This one I'd like to know the name of. It's a pretty bright pink that is very modern and quite flattering. I will say that I've got a thicker base coat to smooth out the ridges, so I think it helps with a glossier polish.
I don't see this on re-promoted, and since I have a lot of pinks, I am patient that it will eventually show up again, somehow. Though I will say that I don't spend as much time mining the Rite Aid/Walgreens treasures as much as I used to, so there might already be an incarnation out there!

I probably have something like it, but who knows.

Another one that I would love to own (well I do own it, but a tiny version)! I see it's and Xtreme Wear, but which one? Stunning plummy purple base, shot through with grape/blurple shimmer. So nice.

I tried it with old Maybelline Matte Maker, aka home grown rubberized finish:

Since I've had to thin Maybelline Matte Maker with some polish thinner, it's lost that really matte feel and drops it down to a waxy/rubberized finish. I imagine any cheapy matte could be cut to afford this look.
This Sally gets high marks. If anyone knows which one it is, I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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