Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bar Glitter Muted

Bar glitter, love or hate it, it's a staple.

You need at least one, okay, ten in your collection.

Here's one you didn't know you needed!

Finger Paints Amazing Glaze.

Finger Paints is a staple at Sally Beauty. All of their core line seems to be named in art themed puns.

No worries. I can deal with puns.

Here is Finger Paints Amazing Glaze over Ulta Concrete Evidence:

All that bar glitter cha cha yet subtle and understated.

Ulta Concrete evidence is a soft light gray that seems to fishtail between a green undertone and a rosey one, depending on the light. 
This is three coats. Unfortunately I got a dent in one finger the following day, plus wear was a little weak. 

Two coats of Amazing Glaze.

Does it NOT look like every single microbe shot you've ever seen on any Nova special, biology book, or oddball "slide photo"?
Seriously, a bacilli fest!

The beauty of this bar glitter - aside from bringing out my inner nerd - is that it has a beautiful iridescent shift. Over gray it is blue and purple. Plus every time the light hits, like in the upper part of my ring finger on the left, it just glows.

Here's a daylight shot.

Honestly fabulous.

The shadow hides the dent in the index finger.  Hehehe!

Ulta's Concrete Evidence really didn't jibe or something because it just seemed to not want to really just dry down. Wear was really evident after one single day of normal usage.

I have a lot of gray, so no worries if this one is not a complete win. Having said that, on someone else it may be a great polish. 

I know very little about Ulta polish stock/availability/pricing. I think I got this on a blog sale. Or, if I did make my bi-annual trip to Ulta it might have been on super sale and I grabbed it. Not sure. 

Amazing Glaze, well, another blog sale, and I can't say if it's core or not, I never go to Sally Beauty. Finger Paints is a nice brand, but they have so many limited editions that are difficult for me to access at my regional store that I don't keep up.

This one was a fun find. Bar glitter win!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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