Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OPI Quarter of a Century (Cent-Cherry) and A Franken

I have an old bottle of E.L.F. nail polish that I've worn many times, blogged a few times and now have finalized (is any franken ever final) a combo that I love.

E.L.F red, medium red I think, has been thinned - dark red now that I think about it - and now has some green shimmer added:

The delicate green shimmer was harvested from China Glaze On The Rocks and a Max Factor from the Dollar Tree.
Not bad, needs to be enlarged to really see. 
I have about three coats on, they're over a buff pink, and ridge lines show through.

Next I pulled out a polish I think I got in a blog sale. It's pretty great.

Quarter of a Cent-Cherry...so painful I can barely type it! ;D

Stunning deep red. It's a true deep black cherry red. Not sure what collection - I'm guessing some 25th anniversary one on OPI's part.

There's no getting around it: it's a great basic that really should be in everyone's collection. 
Plus it always a perfect autumn red without feeling like a massively warm autumn shade. 

So, here it is together!

Indeed! A great combo!

My topper warms it up a little more, but the franken needs a great base!

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