Saturday, September 21, 2013

Three Morgan Taylor Polishes

Morgan Taylor polishes are pretty new to me.

I found out about them on the Makeup Alley nail board. Immediately I googled and found (not affiliated) and ordered four bottles.

I picked a foil and three glitters. Thought I'd save the foil and dive into the glitters.

First off, pretty nice bottle design and a fresh color scheme of charcoal gray. 

Quick note: No top coats, just letting the finish and glitter do the talking. 
Also: all are three coats.

Enough kibbitzing, let's do the glitters!

J'Adore My Mani

J'adore! J'ADORE!
Dense micro and small glitter bomb in shades of silver and raspberry pink glitter. The base is a deep magenta pink and it is very nearly a two coater. 

Enlarge and enjoy!

Let Them Eat Cake

Here in it's more blue than it really is. But this photo shows the tiny green, amber and cyan blue glitters that make this a really complex polish. It also has a pink and purple as it's main shades, but doesn't feel monochromatic at all.

Here's another photo that shows a better shot of the color, though it is washed out:

This is with one light on it. 

Make a Statement (color shifting glitter)

So much a win I can't even begin to describe it. This one shifts from a blurple into a warmer true purple. Stunning.
It's a dense fairly complex glitter, too. In some light it looks like this fairy tale blue, then it shifts into a gray and magenta glitter mix. At the very edges of the shift you can even see amber. Werk!


Tiny bit of a color shift, not as pronounced as I wished I could get. My camera sees a lot of purple as blue, but you can see it a lot more here than the previous photo.

The online etailer I purchased them at had them at $4.25 a bottle with $8 (!!!) shipping. I loved the service and wish they had even more polishes because I'd dump Transdesign like an arrogant boyfriend!

I think this is a brand that is worthy of some good word of mouth. If you like glitter, you will enjoy these three. 

Peruse the website, it's got a fun trade show promo video and some "spilled polish" color wheels that are a lot of fun, if not the most totally color accurate. Normally I don't really suggest that, most websites are cumbersome with flash or some bad "try a color" thing that helps me about 0% compared to blog photos, so this is an nice change of pace.
Again to reiterate: not affiliated with the brand. I bought these online.

At $4.25 a bottle these are a decent price. A true notch above any of my drugstore polishes, and a very nice notch above several some salon brands, I have to say one thing: I'll be adding more to my collection. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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