Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Color is This?

I don't have OPI Her Majesty's Secret Service to make it a trio comparison, but I do have the Zoya FeiFei and SinfulColors Winter Wonder.

I still don't know how to classify the color, it is a changeling.

Seriously! At times it's steel blue with gold, then it is mauve and purple and silvery gray. It's a conundrum!

Here's the straight comparison:

Left to right:

  • Zoya FeiFei
  • SinfulColors Winter Wonder
  • Zoya FeiFei
  • SinfulColors Winter Wonder

First off the bat: two coats. SinfulColors is a thin formula, and lacks the duochrome tendencies that are better developed in the Zoya.
I pooh-poohed FeiFei when it first came out in favor of the easy access of Winter Wonder.

Here is are a few more shots:

Same order. And you can really see the FeiFei achieving some great color sift. Great!

Last but not least: bottle shot!

SinfulColors Winter Wonder was a limited edition, no longer out, Zoya's Feifei is still on their site.

Suggestions on where I should store it? I store by color and I can not figure out if it's blue, mauve, purple, or a duochrome?

Help appreciated!

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