Monday, July 1, 2013

Swatchiness - L.A. Colors Blister Pack

Ross has been packed in with some lesser known polishes. I know Another Bottle of Polish blog has been hitting the blister pack action and the JBL polish action only further proving that it's some great stuff that hasn't got the benefit of a marketing regime to bring it to consumer's attention.

I found, a few months ago, a pack called "Goddess" featuring some colors I needed in my life.

There are seven colors in the pack. Enjoy!

A few things:
  • None have names! (erg!)
  • All are three coats (Unless otherwise mentioned)
  • None have top coats

First up a frosty neon pink:

A frost married to a neon? Escandelo!

Seriously this is a great little polish. No clean up, easy to use, and pretty vibrant with that snazzy haze of bright shimmer. Dense enough to not need a white base beneath it.

Next a crelly purple:

This is two coats, I believe the index finger has a third coat, showing how much more dark and dense the polish will get. I must have been distracted because I missed a coat on the middle finger (second from the left) somehow.
What a gorgeous glossy purple. Hard to fault except a little bit uneven, didn't have the self leveling of some of the others. Still the color really makes up for it.

Next a bright blue similar to Essie Mesmerize, if actually a shade lighter

Glossy and quite beautiful. I'd call this one a complete win: bright hot summer afternoon when the sky goes all cobalt in the east. Simple to use, quite nice.

Here's a pastel orchid

Another glossy shade that reminds me of WnW Through the Grapevine, but less intense. Soft springtime shade meant for damp cloudy days and reflecting pale buds emerging with their demure colors.

The one that grabbed my attention

Truly the hardest one to photograph. All the others are true to color, but this one pulled very blue.
It's a dusty periwinkle purple, not very dissimilar to SinfulColors Lavender or Essie Smooth Sailing. It's actually a near dupe of SC My Buoyfriend...more "hmmm who makes what?"
Unfortunately it really just ended up looking like Essie Butler Please, which is not the case.
Seriously a great color, but not a royal blue.

One of the two glitters in the pack, layered over the above medium dusty blurple

Tis is a dupe of SinfulColors Hottie. This makes me wonder about who makes what.
Two coats  here.
Some larger iridescent glitters, but not quite as many medium glitter pieces as the OPI Katie Perry version "Last Friday Night". Still, pretty iridescent glitter of all sizes is never a miss.
I did poke around the L.A. Colors site and this one might be called Flurry. The graphic images are questionable and the glitters are the only ones that seemed to reveal solid candidates for names.

Finally a dupe SinfulColors Red Ocean.

I put this over a pale pink to really show off the fun red jelly and the gorgeous mylar glitter. This is also a dead on dupe of my OPI I Lily Love You.
On the L.A. Colors site I think this one is called "Brokenhearted" (but can't be sure)
Over a deeper base the jelly would vanish and you'd be left with the iridescent glitter, over pastel pink it seems to take a life of its own. Similar to flake finish polishes.

There you have it! A $5.99 blister pack really was a lot of fun! I know that several Dollar Tree stores also carry L.A. Colors, so I think they might be around there, too.

Thoroughly enjoyable bunch of polishes!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!