Friday, June 28, 2013

Marvin Gay Said it Best

I bet you're wondering how I knew,
'bout a polish with such a hue.
Sitting on the sale rack,
thought I'd pass on it but I came back.
Now it's a three coater that could do two, 
it has a gorgeous pink that's cast blue.
WetnWild's [heard it] Through the Grapevine.

Hey, that's what you get growing up in the early 70's and your best friend's dad had one of the finest soul/funk collections on the planet.

Ok, this was a Megalast color that WetnWild put out in these eensie teensie bottles some time after they'd abandoned their tall rectangular bottles of a full 15 mL. These 9 mL bottles barely caught my notice, but I did see this one on the sale rack and had to have it.

WetnWild now has a new iteration on the Megalast bottle. On eBay there are a ton of this color in the new bottle. Not sure if it's still at the drug stores or not!

Next I took a bottle of NYX Girls polish, CN244, a deep gray glitter and popped a coat over it:

Sadly NYX dumped that line. Even before they stopped it, this bottle with the little faux diamond that is so cute was an earlier version of the "girls" line until it was finally a goner.

Man, I miss these NYX girl polishes. I don't have many, but every one I do have is such a win. I don't have a cool gunmetal glitter except for this one. It's fabulous. Of course in our current trend of crazy cool glitters, this one may seem tame, but it's pretty unique as far as glitter shades.

Clear base and a medium sized hex. Nice!

I love how it pulls light purple on the red-purple of Through The Grapevine.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!