Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beaded Gowns and Train Stations

The fact that I am a total Golden Age of Movies fan hasn't been much discussed on this blog. The direct, overarching vision that many studio heads, great directors, and producers had really holds up by comparison to many "made by comittee" movies I see today.
There is one movie that really holds the torch for utterly perfect 1940's movies, it's Now Voyager.

I adore the costumes, pre "New Look" economic cuts and elegant details.

Bette Davis plays maiden aunt Charlotte who is verbally abused by her mother and well meaning family, but finds respite with Claude Rains' character, Doctor Jaquith, who builds up her self esteem against years of pummeling.
The before and after is worthy of any of today's "makeover" shows.

She takes a sea voyage and meets a man with an absent wife, who, in true Edward Rochester style, he can't divorce. Yet. He can not contain his love for Charlotte 2.0.
Quelle tragique!

In one scene Charlotte wears a beaded gown that is pretty divine - she's just been to a party and rekindled her old feelings and her current escort feels like a pale substitute. She sends him home and in the half light of the room the dress scintillates in the darkness, light toying with us like the pulsing of her heart as she plans to meet her true love at the train station (enter Dr. Freud) to say one last good bye. This moment is so fabulous, brought to us by cinematographer Sol Polito, that I recommend the movie for this very reason alone. Yeah it's great, but those studio guys killed with lighting because they had so much practice and no digital post to tweak the heck out of a mediocre job.

Here is a photo of the dress, she is ready to leave for dinner with Mr. Blah:

Even in brighter lighting Polito manages to make those beads in this Orry-Kelly gown dance.

I couldn't find the movie on TCM, nor could I find the exact clip, but I wanted to emulate the beading on nude. Though it looks white, white did not photogragh well, so I m quite sure it's not white.

I chose Sally Hansen Cafe au Lait from the CSM line, which I've also cut with a bit of white for some brightness. Not a huge fan of the formula, but for now it serves its purpose.

Here are some gilded glitters that remind me of this dress:

Studio M Fast Play  - 2 coats. I do recall reading somewhere that Color Club makes Studio M, but bottle doesn't mention Forsyth or Cosmetic Arts. Who knows. The unyielding mystery abounds.
Delicious iridescent glitter that is translucent enough to remind me of opalescent beading.
I purchased this through Body and Soul website, I don't get M Studio out here, and I don't see it online anywhere, though I don't really look hard for it, I will admit!
I love this polish!

Mattese Elite J'Taime

Two coats, combination of iridescent gilded glitter with some larger pieces. Two coats. Very dense.
Love this polish a lot.
Found at Ricky's NYC online, when I was last there they had a ton of ME, but now only six bottles and some are out of stock. Plus no other evidence of online presence. Why? Is it dying?

There was an OPI near dupe of Mad as a Hatter that drove me to the site, I wish there were more around, there is a lot to love from this brand. Ah well. As an aside I was in the Dollar Tree today and saw a bottle of Milani Cappuccino: totally a better version of Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, but who knows about it? No one, because Milani's swatches and marketing were ho hum at best. OPI has one of the most boring fall collections coming up and over the next four months people will be chattering about it, even though it is about as original as a box of Rice-A-Roni. End digression!

Finally here is Hard Candy Break Up

Divine iridescence: gold and purple and larger glitter hexes. The best part of this polish is that it has a smattering of very small iridescent glitter as well, fabulous!! Enlarge! Enjoy!
Two coats.
I will say that these are gone for good in a retail setting, but abound on the 'bay. I love Hard Candy's formula and aesthetic.

So on a warm summer evening in a beaded dress that catches the light, nude nails can do the same.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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