Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sometimes it's a Little Too Complicated

Indies, some folks hate them, some folks go crazy over them.

I have a distant adoration for them, but not many land in my possession because of price, limited supply and a combination thereof.

Here is Emily de Molly It's Complicated:

This is after a day of hard wear, on the ring finger you can see a pair of glitters hit the highway, but for the most part it was quite a solid polish

I have mixed feelings. 

One, I love the color, the white with the muted black and purple glitter works. Second, I adore white in the summer. 

But it did take four coats to achieve coverage and it took a bit of a spell to dry. I will attribute the latter to the fact that white can be a fussy color.

I purchased this through and can definitely recommend that online etailer. 

Emily de Molly is a pretty hot polish maker right now, so when stuff comes in it goes out fast.
This small batches practice by makers can cause frustrations and so patience is a must.

I almost wish this had more glitter and I could just put a few coats over a white polish base. 

[edited to add bottle shot!]

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Some Emily de Molly colors are really pretty, others seem totally meh to me. I guess that is the case with any brand... At any rate I don't have any by this Indie brand in my collection. A bit out of my usual budget. Finding a good indie brand is awesome, though!

    1. I agree, when it all comes together, it's really a fun find! ;D


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