Saturday, June 8, 2013

Subtle Changes: A Comparison of Formulatory Concepts

In retrospect I probably should have named each post after each brand or polish, might have made it easier to find stuff. I do like the idea, but execution never came about.
Plus I love silly phrases that border on nonsense. Secretly I would have enjoyed living in the 18th century with convoluted prose and Capitalization of Every word in a Sentence.

Plus I'd go visit Isaac Newton and tell him that he'll get into Alchemy, but it's really a waste of time, stick to physics and calculus, but who am I to tamper with the nature of genius?


Milani is all over the Dollar Tree, why? I am guessing they are just cutting The Hell out of their Line of Polishes. Shame, truly, because they have been inching up the "favorite list" a lot these days.

What am I saying? More Milani! I mean comparing some of the gold glass flecks I swatched here.

Left to right:
Milani Hot Pink
Milani Goldie-Locks
Milani Hot Pink
Milani Goldie-Locks

Both are very close in the bottle, Goldie-Locks is a seashell pink and Hot Pink is more of a carnation pink. The base, though, is seriously just about the same, it's the color of the glass fleck that really makes the difference. Hot Pink has a very pink shimmer and Goldie-Locks has a golden sheen.

Bottle comparison:

I love both!

Three coats each, they build nicely and the formula isn't hard to deal with AND it dries pretty fast!

This is Milani She's So Glitzy and Golden Lilac.
Left to right:
She's So Glitzy
Golden Lilac
She's So Glitzy
Golden Lilac

Both are soft cool pinks with a differing set of glass fleck shimmer. Milani Golden Lilac was swatched here.
She's So Glitzy is packed with cool silvery pink glass fleck shimmer and of course Golden Lilac is full of gold shimmer!


It's so neat to grab onto these subtleties, I love how the shimmer flecks completely change the polish.

She's So Glitzy and Golden Lilac are also three coats.

If you see these at the Dollar Tree, grab them, especially if you love glass fleck shimmer, the payoff is certainly there!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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