Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Depths of the Ocean

While I fully admit that if I see a V/HTF that I love, I will stalk eBay, blog sales, swaps, shops and eCrater to find it.

China Glaze Indian Ocean is one of those particular polishes.

By today's standards of flashy duochromes and sexy multichromes it's a humble polish.

For a shimmer-aholic like me, it's a winner.

Here is a photo:

This is three coats.

Some info: top photo is directly under the lights. Bottom photo is under the "diffuser" (aka Ikea Fniss) which softens the light considerably.

It is a pre-3-free, it's also a blue duochrome shimmer in a deep plum base. Much gorgeosity!

I know people want bloggers to give the "real deal" on a polish, so be aware of a few things: unless it just won't dry, is too sheer, or just is failing me in some way, I pretty much enjoy my polishes. I'm not the scathing review blogger.

I found this at my regular dusty - and indeed it was full of dust! Their fans weren't working and the smell of acrylic solvents permeated my clothing for hours.

Worth it? I think so.

Here is a bottle shot:

It was perhaps my lighting that failed me. You can only just see the duochrome in the edges. I know there are blog photos around the web that pick up the duochrome with amazing accuracy. Not me! Ha!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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