Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Corundum Conumdrum

Here are a handful of reds which all are similar ruby reds. I always think of wine, or burgundy, but I am guessing ruby!
Ruby is the one color that always eludes me when I am fishing around in my brain for color choices. I think of rubies as much more pink reds, but then again, some of these are!


Kangarooby by OPI
From the Australian Collection.
Three coats.
Deep yet not vampy. Perfect formula. Kind of love it!
I think I found it at the dusty I sometimes check. Apparently it's discontinued.

Misa Midnight Red.
Three coats. Top two photos are lamp, bottom is sun.
This is has a more fine gold shimmer, a small fleck, not a tiny particle.
Another win!
No top coat and so a bit satin-like.
I purchased this through an online etailer.
Not completely unique, but a worthy polish. I could digress about how Misa is under represented, but that's for another day.

Maybelline Rare Ruby.
I believe the top photo is more accurate.
Three coats, no top coat.
Rich shimmer, that seems less ruby and more merlot.
Old Dollar Tree acquisition.

Finally an unnamed Sally Hansen Diamond Strength miniature polish.
Found in 2009 at Ross in a set of minis.
Three coats, metallic shimmer.
Bit of a tetchy dry time. Somewhat middle of the road.
I have a hunch it's still out there in a new iteration under the newer bottles of Diamond Strength.
Somehow, somewhere. It's a classic shade, not a super thrilling color for me.

I am sure that this feels like an autumn set of shades, perhaps so, but they spoke to me when I went to swatch.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!