Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Alexandrite

Revlon came out with a set of scented polishes around 2011. I believe they repromoted some colors in 2012, this is when I bought Not So Blueberry.

I believe it was a summer collection.

My inability to enjoy early Revlons has still made me gun shy. I do love Not So Blueberry, it's a wonderful surprise.

A subtle duochrome which looks lilac in most light - indoors it looks more purple, outdoors more blue (like alexandrite). This is under lamps.
Three coats.
It's a glass fleck with a cool silvery fleck mixed into it.

There is no top coat, so you can see rather a slight texture to the polish. When I put the topcoat on it was a non-issue.

Here is another photo:

Here you can see the slight duochrome going on. It's more of a subtle shift.

Enjoyable color, I even got a compliment on it!

This one I found at a lonesome display at Rite-Aid full of leftover limited edition polishes. I figured I better grab it while I could.

There is some brushstroke-y feel to it, but not quite enough to really make it an issue.

There are quite a number on eBay if you missed out.

Finally I will comment on the scent. It's pretty awful. I don't really understand why I dislike the sickly sweet candy scent versus a rose scent like Missha or an herbal scent like Cirque. Personal taste? To me sniffing my fingers just isn't something I do! ;D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!