Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Closer Look at Sally Hansen Spectrum

Sally Hansen Spectrum, an older Hi Definition collection polish.

Since summer is here, these swimming pool blues seem appropriate.

(as an aside I love how SH uses skewed spellings like Xtreme and Hi Def and Insta Dri)

Sally Hansen has had three iterations of this line, that I am aware of: A more neutral line that looks like it was LE, then the Crayola colored shimmers, finally the glass fleck shimmers.
The most recent collection is on the Sally Hansen website, but it doesn't appear that consumers can do more than favorite, wish list, or review them.


Spectrum is a rich glass fleck shimmering turquoise blue which possesses a green/purple shift within.

Here it is alone:

Four coats. Sheeeeeer. But you can see pops of blue and green. Under lamps the green fluorescent light pulls green. Tried to correct it, but you can see that it does have a greenish tint here.

Here it is over black:

Now the blue comes out a bit more, cerulean blue waters on a moonlit evening.
Enlarge and the purple is also apparent! Nice!
This is two coats of Spectrum.

I pulled out Maybelline Cosmic Blue. It's been blogged before and holds up as a bright, clean, sky blue turquoise.

I thought it would be an interesting base.

Two coats.

I am not sure I feel this is super great, but it really looks as though it is the right match for the original color which takes care of the sheerness. The other colors don't really show up as much. But, the color shift in the bottle is nominal and really requires peering at the bottle a little bit more closely under lamps or sunlight, nothing will come in normal room light or a cloudy day.

Enjoyable color, Sally definitely did a fine job though I can't understand why her formula is just slow to dry. I figure her ingredient list is just at some profitability margin that keeps these polishes at their price point. OTOH, the drug store price point has never been super low. These ran originally at least 5.49, and I somehow am unable to ever time/find coupons.
Fortunately it's on the 'bay and all over blog sales.

If you love this finish, love a layering polish, I recommend Spectrum, Byte, DVD and Laser in this Hi Def line.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!