Sunday, May 5, 2013

Green Party Part 2

Welcome back!

Here are three more greens!

Catrice Forest Floor

Three coats, amazing formula.
Super wow!
I got this in a swap, and really am glad that Catrice is available on eBay and soon on
Perfect green.

Up next is a conundrum, I have this labeled this Color Club Wild Cactus, but it might be Color Club Abyss.
I really am not sure.

I think this is a pretty accurate photo, though later, in a comparison shot, it looks darker.

The worst part is that this came in one of those Ross sets that has no names. This was full of CC holiday glitters and this one. I really wanted the glitters.

Three coats, easy formula. I think it's Wild Cactus, but it has less of that warm tone and much cooler, which seems to imply Abyss. Which makes me wonder why manufacturers do a lot of the same colors?  I'm only really realizing this as I type all this, all my comps call this Cactus....erp.

I feel like this is ok, but not a super fave.

Finally Verity Aqua Blue

Neither aqua nor blue, but a great green in a piney vein. If you like jelly finish, you probably need this one. Found on Amazon.
Three coats, easy formula. I think this photo is a little blown out, too.

Of all of my jelly finishes, I must say this is a favorite: good coverage, yet that translucent depth.

Part three will have a comparison of all five, plus a bonus.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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