Friday, May 3, 2013

Green Party Part 1

Here are a few greens I didn't get to in March.

It's a multi-parter because it's a lot of pictures.

Here are two I love.

First up, an all time favorite, New York Summer Amaranth

A beautiful jelly green. My nails, due to genetics and staining, have a band of darkness before the white. It makes it look a little like a syrup.

Three coats, great formula.

Available at Transdesign, where I grabbed it. A perenial favorite.

I think it was a real hot color a couple of years ago when it was the prime ingredient in makeing the then-discontinued Nars Zulu.
I am not sure what the formula was, aside from adding black, but it was a very popular as a key ingredient.
I never got it, made my own "version", finally got Zulu, and got this and just enjoy it's pretty green color. Unfortunately my stained nails make it look a little like a syrup polish.

Next we have a real find.

An unnamed Walmart polish that showed up around Halloween about 2009.

Three coats of a rich cool green that is really a nice surprise for a little $1.00 bottle!
I bought 4-5, for some reason, and it's a really nice formula, surprisingly. I imagine Walmart subcontracted with someone like Bari - the Pure Ice and Bon Bons maker - or something like that. I've not seen nail polish on the Halloween aisle much. I didn't really look the last couple of times, but then again, I am spending less time in Walmartland. in general.

Here is the sweet little bottle:

No printing on the back, just a little anonymous bottle of polish.

Ah well.
More green soon. Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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