Monday, March 11, 2013

Etude House Love

Hey sweet People!

I was completely side tracked from polish because I was trying like mad to make a deadline with a beaded necklace for my mom.
Fortunately there was plan "b" but, I really wanted to make it happen, so I dropped the blog for a while.

mea culpa acetata!

I have a box of greens to work through, but only grabbed one to do and edit the photo on tonight: Etude House's GR607.

A tasty green creme that is perfectly green, not too blue, not too yellow.
The best part is that it's not so dark as to make it blackish and muddy.

Great two coats.
I think it is a little dark here, but it still isn't too deep, my photo is a little dark.

Small bottle but decent polish, if you like green, this is a good one!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!

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