Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Milani Gold Part 2


Here is part 2 of the Milani "gold" collection. It's not really a collection, but a set that appears to have a healthy dose of gold fleck and the name gold.
As in my last post (here) it's not on the Milani site, but on Beautyjoint's site.
I feel as though these are discontinued.

Same as last time:

  • All are three coats
  • None have top coats
  • Are all over Borghese's Ivory jelly whose name I still can't recall

Gold Violetta

Gorgeous carnation pink shot through with enough gold to make you forget about anything and daydream about summer.

Gold Crush

Juicy red tinted orange.
Remarkable color. Stunning.

Gold Rush

A rush of adrenaline.
Hot red. Less apparent is the gold within, but if you love gold and red together this is not bad.
The red is pushing the envelope on neon, which is always a pleasure.
Another where the red shimmer competes a bit with the gold.

Golden Sea

Here is another one that I really have to say is pretty fabulous.
Unlike many that have a lot of shimmer that is large, the shimmer here is fine, hence the brushstrokes, but there is this great gold fleck popping out.

It looks very metallic.
It's hard to impress me with these shades of blue. Unlike periwinkle/violet blues which have me at "hello", these need to be impressive to really warm me to them (I don't have many now that I think about it).
Why do I think of swimming pools when I see this color?

Gold Leaf

Hard to do much more than just enjoy!
The top portion is more accurate.

These are great polishes. I had a lot of fun swatching, every one yielded a beautiful result.

The only cons I can see are that they are discontinued, were a little loose, and a tad bit sheer. They built up well, so I can't fault them too much on that point, sometimes you get something so poorly pigmented it never really builds up. This does a great job.

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