Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milani Gold Part 1

I make no apologies about loving glass fleck polishes, apart from holo, duochrome, and multichrome, this finish is fabulous. Of course I forgot to add foil to the list, hehe, but it's a given, right?

Milani rarely lets me down. It doesn't get a lot of love. Not sure why. Every time I wear it I never have a problem.

Here is a series that all have "gold" in the name and are packed with golden glass fleck giving pop to the shimmer and a lot of happiness to me!

A few things:

  • These are all three coats
  • None have top coats
  • I've put them over a pale ivory base (Borghese Ivory something or the other - similar to WnW 2% - sheer but with coverage)
  • They are all pretty good with coverage at three coats, but could do a single coat as a layering top coat - WIN!
  • The formula is a little "loose" so this did require clean-up, but I didn't mind. Good practice!

Gold Digger

A sun-infused melon pink.
I adore this color so much! I think in the summer it will be killer. KILLAH!

Goldie Locks

Soft seashell pink with it's array of gold creating this luminous glow.
I'm gaga.

Golden Girl

Hot magenta pink. So flattering to nearly everyone on the planet.
The gold is more subtle in the dense pink shimmer. A glass fleck bomb. You can see on the top photo the gold sparkles.

Golden Lilac

Pale mauve looking heavenly.
Hate to gush much, but this one is so wonderful that it really is perfect if you dig these "office OK" shades that go crazy in the sunshine.
Why they call it lilac, I don't know, but who cares, it's amazing.

Ok, so these are not actually on Milani's website for sale. I am guessing these are discontinued? Why?
It is odd that these predate the current "glass fleck in everything" that seem to be going on, which I never mind, ever, but I feel bad that these are on radio silence on blogs and boards. These colors kick arse large when it comes to larger shimmer particles we all adore!

These are on Beatyjoint for a walloping discounted price of $1.69. What? No! (I'm not affiliated, just glad as heck that I've got these puppies in my hot little stash!)

I have been eyeballing these for well over a few years (I even forgot the name of the website that sold them for about a year!) I bought this batch about 5-6 months ago,  and then after I swatched these I sprinted over to the site and bought the rest.

Man oh manischewitz! No regrets!!!

Part two coming soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!