Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coral Reaching

I am reblogging a polish that didn't really get a fair chance.

Not sure I'd call it a win, in the end, but at least I tried.

This is a combo of Princessa Melon and a top coat of Cover Girl Crystal Mist

Melon is a perle shimmer, unfortunately it is rather sheer. I put it in with my layering polishes, but it's in that annoying category of not-quite-sheer-enough-to-be-useful. As much as I love to layer, at times I don't always take the time to color coordinate the layering. As you know I am perpetually organizing, I don't think I have a librarian's verve for sorting, cataloguing, and swatching every permutation of a polish.
Some polishes I just need to let be polishes. Sheer or otherwise.

Here is the result:

Four coats, a little lighter on the nail than in the bottle, less intense, really, and in need of many coats to grab the coverage that is necessary.
Dry time, a little slow, but not impossible, though, it was a bit of a hassle.

Two coats of Crystal Mist, easy top coat that dried pretty well!

I think that it's a color that could be a greater one had there been less sheerness. It's iffy for me. Add that it's hard to find, Richon has revamped their nail polishes, and it's a generic pink coral, I don't imagine there will be many who accidentally pick up this one by mistake.

If there is one thing that works, it's Crystal Mist, Cover Girl's now defunct Boundless Color line was packed with topcoats! I am glad I grabbed one!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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    1. I love coral and glitter, it makes me think of tropical drinks. ;P hehehe


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