Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dark Blue Shimmers, Two New, One Old Fave

Three deep blues, one oldie to use as a comparison.

Oldie to start:

NYC Skin Tight Denim

Three easy coats. Hard to fault the finish, shade, luxe quality, and price point.

Maybelline Denim Dash

Three coats again of sapphire blue. I think I purchased this because I'd seen Love8Brain's photos on MUA, totally gorgeous.
Love it.

Acoustic Azure

A real blackened blue.
Three coats of a navy that leans over into the warmer maritime realm.
Old Maybelline rectangular bottle with a black cap, honestly it's probably the main reason I keep it!

Here is a comp

Same order left to right:
NYC Skin Tight Denim
Maybelline Denim Dash
Maybelline Acoustic Azure

I swatched these as I was tightening up organzation of a drawer and found more blues to add to the swatch  list. Acoustic Azure almost looks teal in the top of this photo by comparison to the other two. Even more so in real life.

The Maybellines are both discontinued but Denim Dash is all over the 'bay.
I found Acoustic Azure at the Dollar Tree aaaaaages ago and never got around to swatching it.

Pretty soon I will do a "blackened blue" swatch, but for now, this motley group was very fun.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!

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