Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cinema Nails: Caberet's Sally Bowles Green

Many times I see movies and I see cool nail colors.

I only wish black and white movies came with production notes on polish colors used, though I am supposing there would be a bunch of reds and corals on the list. I think old adverts and glam shots might be a good way to see what was au currant.

Tonight I saw a bit of Caberet on Turner Classic Movies. I grabbed my camera and got a few shots of Liza Minelli playing Sally Bowles:

Per Google, Christopher Isherwood describes Sally's hands a painted in an emerald green which brought attention to her cigarette stained and dirty "like a little girl's" hands. Poor Sally, she tries so hard.

Let's face it, she was a hack and a prostitute, but the movie transcends such a depressing little story and makes Sally rather eternal.
I am not sure what they used, nor if these are just glue on.

If you can see it, do. The music is wonderful, and it shows a period of time with a wise backward glance I only wish the world had had back then.  I read Eric Larson's In the Garden of the Beast, and the blind eye toward what was happening is always a shock to realize.

While on this topic find The Mortal Storm, an excellent Jimmy Stewart movie that shows a rare glance into what was happening in Germany before the war by a Hollywood that pretty much for the most part ignored what was going on (their silence on the horrifying changes going on, in retrospect, is still a tragedy, although Hayes was enforced, there were many directors who did a allow their work to present more than empty entertainment)

Caberet was beat by the Godfather for an Oscar - which I think it should have won, but I'm not a super big Godfather fan. I admit, I love a Broadway production where the songs move the plot along!

Here are a couple of greens that would make Sally proud:

Calvin Klein Emerald Green

Sally Hansen Red Opal 06

I hope to make this a periodic installment here on the blog. Photographing TV was something my 3rd grade friend's big sister would do when she was watching roller derby. ;D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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