Friday, February 22, 2013

CND Pink Wishes

Creative Nail Design Pink Wishes released in autumn 2011 for Breast Cancer awareness.

I think I found it on sale at an etailer's site. 

It's a set of two polishes:

Pink Wishes Colour and Pink Wishes Pearl Effect. I like the packaging

A pretty set of a pale buff pink creme and a gorgeous shimmer top coat that is classified as a pearl.

Here is Pink Wishes alone:

Three coats, more out of habit than anything else, it could have been a two-coater. I think I wore if before, it's pretty thick and a little bit heavy, but I love the soft pink.
They call it cool, but I really think of it as a neutral. There is a real sense of demurity about it.
Here is a photo of the Pink Wishes Pearl:

It is much easier to see the shimmer in lower light.

So, in the last shot, to see the the shimmer I dropped the lighting level:

The soft pink shimmer shows up prettily and in a very subtle. I suppose these days with all the "secret shimmers" around it's almost an odd duck, being a two-parter and all. 

I think Pearl Wishes Pearl over black or navy is super fabulous. I didn't do it over black because I wanted to wear this manicure.

So delicate and lovely.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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