Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orly's Truth About Garnet

Orly Garnet Truth was my St. Valentie's Day manicure.

I love garnets! Such a rich beautiful red.

This polish is a soft red, like a garnet of course!

This is three coats and indeed some of the gorgeous glass fleck that us silvery white and beautiful. It's a large fleck and quite apparent on the nail.

Here is a closer shot in daylight:

I love that the silvery white fleck that is not buried in the base.

This is after a day of wear and tear. Not really super glad about that, I used the SH I raved about in the last post, kind of bummed on that point.

In the sunshine you can see the silvery white fleck shining through!

This polish doesn't get a lot of notice, I think it's because it's a medium red.

I couldn't find it on one etailer's site, and the Orly site doesn't have it on their permanent collection site. I think, if I recall my old days of perusing etailers, it had something to do with birthstones.
Anyone recall specifics?

If you like this finish and like this shade of red, it's a worthy one!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Heart throb gorgeous! My favorite finish is glass fleck and this looks just incredible. So sad it's not a part of the main line :( Maybe I can find it on amazon or ebay.


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