Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three Cheers for Volcanos! Or Everyday is Halloween!

Remember that old Ministry song? Every Day is Halloween?

*crickets chirping*

Hey, old gothers never die, they just watch all their trends go mainstream.

Meanwhile, orange molten glitter gorgeous black-based polish is a-ok year round thanks to Island Girl!

Meet Hawaiian Color:

This is after three days of wear and I'd just returned from the barn working with the horse in 20 degree weather, so it's been through the wringer. The white you see on my pinky is a quick application of moisturizer - so quick I didn't make time to rub it in, and lost about 1/2 my photos after re-examining them! Eep!

But, man it is lush, rich molten lava orange. I can just feel the flumes of lava running beneath my feet
at Kilauea, or sending hot plumes into the air. Fabulous!
I love the black jelly base, it's enough to feel like freshly laid basalt, but still have a spooky feel to it all.

This was purchased for me by my sister when she went to Las Vegas. They have a place called the ABC Store that is out of Hawaii and sells Island Girl. This one I really wanted so much. It's even better in person.
Not sure how dupy it is to China Glaze Fortune Teller, which is a deeper orange, but it's great in its own right.

I mean, seriously! All that cool glitter! 

Tip wear was pretty minor, I didn't re-coat it to extend it, I just wanted to wear it and have a fun glittery weekend polish.

Down the pike I will do a Fortune Teller comparison, but for now, its sufficient to just enjoy it's Halloweeny Volcano-ness!


Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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