Friday, January 11, 2013

Crimson Quartet

(not sure why this one posted the 7th, I think it's my iPhone and it's stinky interaction with Blogger)

Here are some swatches of gorgeous crimson jellies, a crelly and a creme.

All have a top coat.

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Hey, nothing like a typo to make my day! Doh!
Three coats of crelly goodness. Glossy and gorgeous. It almost looks like a syrup manicure!

Seeing as how it's Sparitual, and I have tooooo many Sparitual dupes of Orly polishes, I'd be willing to guess there's an Orly out there that is dupe.
Meanwhile, it's still out there as available in the Spa-Orly-ritual line.

Essie Fishnet Stockings

I will call this a jelly, although it is not considered one by Essie. Why? You can see my nail line even after three coats.
It's part of the core line at Essie. I found mine at Ross quite some time ago.

Maybelline Crimson

Pure creamy goodness!
Three coats, but two would have done it.
Found at the Dollar Tree. It's a gold cap, must be on Ebay, although I am sure there is a dupe out there, if not among the one's I've got here.

Revlon Heart to Heart

Another beautiful jelly. Three coats and not a word of complaint.
Much brighter than the rest of them, but still in that family.
Found at Ross in a set, it was a limited edition.

Here is a side by side (*cringe at the typo*)

I'd even call the first three dupes.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Pretty red jellies! But such a shame that there are dupes :( Oh well, even more red squishy-ness :)

    1. Dupes are the one thing I'd wish I'd avoided. I can't see wearing this many versions of the same color enough to keep so many.

      But, which one to discard? That's tricky!


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