Monday, January 7, 2013

What?!?! Another Purple!

After a slight hiatus, I really wanted to do a series again, along line of "greens for march" but I really didn't get it together.

So here is another purple I've had for a while and I really wish I wore it sooner!

Borghese Plumaggio P(er...B)lurple, a super deep purple.

It's another one of those cool polishes that is packed with blue and red shimmer but in this case a deep royal blue jelly.

I think I would cal this more of a navy, but they call it a purple.

Ah well!

This is three coats and no top coat. Easy polish to use and also easy to wear. This one had a good amount of pigment and so it didn't need any lingerie, which is so nice of a change for this brand.

Thanks for reading m little nail polish journal!

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