Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sorting, Stashing, and Shining

I'm delving into the land of Google Drive. I've got my spreadsheet started.

Pretty soon I'll post it. It's about 150 entries, here's the breakdown:

  •  I've done all of the current crop of stamping polishes (I love stamping, but my caffeine jitters, appalling application, and intermittent practice make it impossible to blog about as of yet)
  • All my top/base/treatment coats (stockpiling sale items makes me feel hoarder-ish. Oh meme, go away!
  • I've got all my gold and yellow
  • Halfway through bronze/brown
  • Beginning tans/taupes/beige.

It's laborious. So many notes on color. Soooo many untrieds! So many unblogged!

On the other hand, it's fun to see things in a color I didn't know were there. Finding out the shimmer version of MPJ has a bronze/brass shift, that I actually have two of the same polishes one in purple one in pink/red, etc.

One color, a mini Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine, was categorized as a brown, but it's really a black packed with a red shimmer that shifts to brown then raspberry depending on the light.

It looks like magic in the bottle, however there is only the most faint trace of shimmer in natural light. I needed to blow out the photo to see it, and those were ridiculous looking photos.

I will be toying with flash in the future, this might have helped, normally I am so close flash is impossible and my camera doesn't do medium distance too well.

It's a pretty polish and I love the shimmer. Still had SH dry time - on its own dime, basically.

If anyone knows of a better version of this polish, I'd love to know who make it. I am not sure if the RBL version is a whole lot better or not.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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