Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pink Foils and Shimmering Glitters

Pink + foil = fun.

It's my favorite finish. Why? Well, it's luminous, it's hearty, you don't have to have special lighting to enjoy because it's reflective, and it's got a real metallic pow that I like a lot.

Here are a couple that I have and recommend.

This is a completely neutral pink. Not too warm, not too cool. Two coats, easy to use and wore very well.

Subtle, understated, yet with that prowess that foils have about themselves that says "hey! look at me!"

Hard to fault this one. I found it on a blog sale and am delighted with it!

This is from OPI Kick Up Your Heels Collection Holiday 2006.

Oh crikes! the lack of cleanup!

I have blogged this one before, and it is a really nice find. It's L.A. Colors unnamed pink foil. In the bottle it looks more like a watermelon shade, but feels more hot pink on the nail.
The main reason I blogged it again was to show off an Elianto glitter, Shimmer Violet.

This is three coats and it's a pretty nice polish for a dollar. Comparable to the OPI and held its own formula-wise. It's less uniform that OPI's Starring the Rockettes, however, which makes it feel a little less metallic.

I have to say I love finding things that I've wanted to add to my collection and Eliato is no exception. It's not a US brand, nor easily attainable on eBay.

Here is Shimmer Violet over the L.A. Color polish:

Shimmer Violet is in a pink base that is like a water, very translucent, but put on over a white, you could see the tint.

I will note right now that my nail beds are still horribly stained from the green jelly I mad from SinfulColors Last Chance. I put it on over a Poshe strengthener, which ended up just pushing all that pigment right into my nail bed. I've tried a few things to lighten: buffing (ridges make this impractical on some fingers), toothpaste, denture cleaner, and a whitening product for nails. To nothing that approaches a success story. It's very weird. I'm going to be glad when it grows out!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Love the beautiful array and I whole-heartedly agree on the metal foils. No special effects needed to fully enjoy their depth!

  2. LOVE pink foils! Star-ring the Rockettes is gorgeous!


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