Monday, November 12, 2012

Ebay Redux

A while ago I posted a blog post with tips for buying on eBay.

I feel like it might need a little update.

For a start, eBay has amped up their protection plan to include shipping. This is a pretty fantastic step.

There still is a 45 day countdown clock on filing a dispute, so keep that in mind.

In addition to as a great site to see how a seller's feedback shakes down, you can also check out to see who else has their eye on "your" loot. I just discovered that one, and I can say it will give you a good idea if a lone item will get rained on with bids or not.

I want to give a personal example of looking under rocks, trusting your collector's gut, and being willing to take a chance.

I saw this auction:

I edited to provide some privacy for the seller.

Notice it's unlabeled. Except for the brand name. There was no list of polish names or numbers in the auction text or the title.
Also, this particular seller has a high feedback number, it's very good percentage-wise and she doesn't sell in this category very much at all. Did I hit the trifecta?

I examined the photo closer:

A pair of muddy burgundies. Though you can see some shimmer, and on the left hand side you can see a telltale bit of something in the shimmer.

The auction went onto my watch list.

It ended with NO BIDDERS!

I emailed her and asked her to do a Buy it Now and she did. I bought it in a matter of minutes.

Got the package and among four bottles of Clarins 220, Patient Pink, blogged here, sat two bottles of 230.

Two Fracking Thirty!


Do not be afraid of eBay. Do NOT succumb to scalpers. Be patient that it will pop up.

Check new auctions - You never know what you will find.

Check outside/broader categories - sellers goof when they list.

Check brands, misspellings, and oddball words that might be in a polish name. You never know what will pop up.

Everyone is looking for "230".
Apparently I was the only one gazing into the "Clarins" search with any regularity.

This was a complete fluke.

Keep an eye out for polishes whose MUA hotness has waned, suddenly they are lounging on eBay at low prices with no takers. I've got a eye on one that a couple years ago people were agonizing over, now the seller has a pile of them and no takers.

Patience. Be alert to wish lists and keep an eagle eye out. "You never know" is the take home lesson here.

Think sideways, upside down and through the back door when searching.

Yes, I could have paid $30 for a muddy burgundy, but the photo showed promise.
It was a risk. I know that. I might be blogging about my collection of obscure Clarin's.

But I'm not.


  1. OMG I am so happy for you!!! This is such a great find. I can't wait to see your swatches. Enjoy!!!

    1. Hey, you are a doll!!! I wasn't sure if I should post, but it really is out there if you sniff at the corners of auctions.

  2. Ha Ha! I love these type stories. What a great buy. I'm so happy for you. Thanks for the ebay tips :)


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