Monday, November 26, 2012

Pacific Blue Versus Butler Please


Essie's Winter 2012 collection has been knocking socks off locally. I browsed my local Rite Aid and found the display emptied except for about four bottles of the red cremes. The blue and the aqua are hot, the glitters are fabulous.

Had to have Butler Please, so I poked around eBay and found it for a good price. Not the cheapest, but better than Walgreens/Rite Aid. As an aside etailers tend to be about the same with shipping for me, so it's usually just easier to hit the 'bay.

I have Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. A classic case of Sally Hansen nailing a great color down, putting into the Xtreme collection and making it easy to find. Faultless formula. I rarely say that about SH!

Here's Pacific Blue:

Three coats, with a top coat, and a pretty nice formula. Smooth, dried well and self leveled. Win.
Personally it falls into the cool semi-periwinkle realm of blue, which I love.

Here is Essie Butler Please:

Deeper, but not cobalt, similar, but much more vibrant.
I love the dry time, but it was somewhat lumpy and did not self level. I'd call it a bit thick.
Still, I would rate the dry time a bit faster than the Sally Hansen.

Here is the comparison:

These blues are both intense, just two different shades of awesome. In the end the Essie took more of a tweak to apply.

Not dupes, more like kissing cousins.

I love both, it's a hard call. The Essie has impact, but Pacific Blue does as well, just a bit brighter.


  1. Very gorgeous shades, I like the look of Butler Please a little more

  2. Nice comparison! I bought the Essie but haven't tried it yet.


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