Friday, November 23, 2012

Nubbin Swatch-o-Roonie

Well, after breaking three nails in pretty quick order, I decided to chop down an just start over.

It happens. I'm not dedicate to long nails. As you can see from my photos, they don't grow straight and they curl a bit in as they grow. If my nail beds were longer, I'd probably opt for shorter at all times.

Here are a trio of colors!

What's Your Name, Sinful Colors:

Yes, my nail beds are actually wider than they are long. Kind of frustrating not to hit that genetic lotto.

Three coats of black jelliness with doses of color shifting glass fleck. The shift is blue to purple, but it's very hard to really capture it.
Pretty basic formula. No top coat, very glossy.
The pop of shimmer takes it out of being just a black polish.

Wild Thing, Essie

Three coats, perhaps a fourth, now that I think back on it.
It's actually a complex polish.
First off it's a jelly.
Next it's peppered with holographic glitter. In some lights I could get all the glitters in the bottle to compose that telltale holographic flame.
Finally it's packed with silvery micro-glitter.

Unfortunately it looks much better in the bottle than on the nail. Glitters are fairly sparse, then the micro-glitter feels like a shimmer, and kind of hides the lower layers of the larger glitter.
See what I mean? A little at odds with itself.
This is a berry red, not a true red, and in the bottle it actually looks even more blue leaning.

Still, it pops, it's easy to apply, builds and dries well.

Raspberry Frost, Sally Hansen

Hey, Sally? Um. Er. Girl? This is brown. Just sayin', k?
A brown that is filled with gold shimmer.
Remember Burnt Sienna from your Crayola set? Yup. Not Raspberry.

Two coats, no top coat, much shimmer within the color itself and the gold shimmer thrown in.
Very much the autumn shade.
This dried surprisingly well, I expected a tacky/denty mess, but it was really quick to dry.
A wee bit brushstroke prone.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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