Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bronze Age Part 3

Particularly stellar are those glass fleck polishes that have duochrome shift.


Here are a couple of faves that fall into the bronze family:

Color Club Wild and Willing

This is a four coat coater. It has a rosy quality, pushing into copper. It also shifts to a yellow green, but I could not adequately photograph it.
This came out in 2009 in the Wild at Heart Collection.
Has anyone seen this movie? It's David Lynch's interpretation of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.
Very David Lynch.
I know these are in no way tied together, but it sure is a great polish name for the movie.

Great formula, superior dry time and fabulous layering capabilities. Back-up worthy? Not yet, it's still readily available through most etailers.

Pros and Bronze

This, too, is four coats. Like it's cousin, it strays into the rosy/copper territory, but stays a little longer. It also has some purple/pink sparkles in some angles.

Love this one. It comes from Serena William's Glam Slam collection a 2011 series of sets which are all pretty fabulous. I have most, but for some reason I don't have the green one, which is odd, because I love every photo.
Plus, I like Serena Williams, she doesn't just do a collection, she spent time learning to be a nail tech, so she really thought about this collection. It shows.

Here these both are over black:

This is two coats of each. Here, front on, they are quite similar. I'd go so far as to say that unless you closely examine the nuances, you could call them dupes.

Here you can see that Wild and Willing shifts into a more yellow tone and Pros and Bronze pulls into the pinker range. Though I will say that Wild and Willing has more of a solid color shift, it's got both copper and bronze and green, where Pros and Bronze is a melange of colors, including some pink, plus it flashes a bit of purple, too.

Both are over Wet n Wild Back Creme. I finished the bottle with this manicure, which was pretty neat. My first one!

This will be my third and final Bronze entry. I snapped off nearly all my nails at the barn and so I will do a redux of the cooler tones when my nails get a bit longer.

Back to short and sassy nails.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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