Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bronze Age Part 1

Sometimes I call it burnished gold when  it's warm, sometimes it's oxidized and cool.

Oh, it's cool all right!

I'm doing a 4 part series on some bronzes that I like a lot.

Here is a favorite of mine:

Matte Gold by Maybelline

This is a matte, which ends up being a little bit of a piece-y shimmer with a silvery cool gold glitter running through it.

I've blogged it before, but it deserved a second outing for this compfest.

Three coats, easy, yet somewhat thick formula, needs a quick dry top coat, because it really tends to hang out in "dent-able" territory if you aren't careful.

I think a warmer skintone could rock this color, for sure.

As far as availability, I found mine at Dollar Tree, but I think if you poke around eCrater/eBay, you may be lucky.

L'Oreal Bond Bronze

This is an older James Bond Collection. I blogged another of these a while ago here.

I've done more poking around the internet and found that L'Oreal had makeup product placement in Die Another Day. There's an article here on product placement. So, if this product-cum-movie marriage is correct this is a 2002 polish.

This is three coats, a matte finish (though I've glossified it with a top coat). Easy to use. Similar shimmer/glitter combo and it feels like it's a little richer than Maybelline's offering.

Though I will say that these colors are kind of popular now (OPI's Goldeneye is in this warm bronze/gold family), they aren't super easy to wear, but they are gorgeous.

Here are the two shades next to each other:

You can see that they are definitely similar, but next to the Maybelline Matte Gold, Bond Bronze looks rather meek.
This photo is a little on the red side, which kind of stinks, I know.

Here is the bottle shot:

As you can see, they are very close in the bottle. Similar shimmer base, similar gold glitter throughout.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Wooooh! It took you posting matte gold again to remind me that I have a bottle of this pretty from you! I just went and dug it out so I'll definitely be wearing it soon. Thank you again!


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