Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bronze Age Part 2


More bronze action! A shimmer, a metallic and a foil.

I usually save the best for last, but I'm going to throw down a good one first, Max Factor Exhilarated:

A muted bronze with a green flash in the shimmer. Though it's not as apparent, it almost looks like Hidden Treasure was put into a blender and made into shimmer particles, you got the same green flash.

Another photo:

Three coats, easy formula and good wear. Was a touch slow to dry, but not as bad as I expected.
I have to admit that I wish the photo showed the green a little better. Kind of a let down.
I feel the green cools it down, mutes it a bit.
Love it a lot!

Next up is Color Club's Golden Girl:

I blogged this before when I blogged the Color Club Haute Brown set. I admit it's a gorgeous golden metallic bronze. Three coats, wonderful! The best part is that it's not a flat metallic, but more lustrous like a foil, which I like a lot. It also has this rosy warmth to it that softens it up a bit.
Easy to use and wear. Like this formula a lot.

Finally, Zoya Richelle:

Two coats of a rich foil. No complaints here! I have to say that of the three, it gets extra ticks for having a foil finish. As above it has that rosy warmth, but in foil form.
No problem with usage, or wear, for that matter, which surprised me because I always seem to gripe about Zoya in that department.

Here is a comparison of the trio:

Same order: Max Factor Exhilarated, Color Club Golden Girl, Zoya Richelle

Max Factor Exhilarate is probably hardest to find, as it's long since gone the way of the Curlew, though I have seen it on eBay, it's probably at other outlets, too.
Color Club Golden Girl appears to be on eBay, but not on the etailers that I poked around at. Must have been a limited edition? Hmmm. What a shame, it's such a great golden bronze.
Zoya Richelle is available on One thing about Zoya, they don't play you with limited colors, this, I feel, makes it easier when you actually don't have the ability to buy every color as it comes out.

Of the three all are pretty wonderful in their own way.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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